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They supervise curriculum implementation, select and recruit new teachers, admit students, procure equipment and materials needed for effective learning. They also plan for the improvement of school facilities and physical plants. The role of the administrators can never be ignored. The principle of command responsibility and institutional leadership rests on the shoulders of the school administrators. In the academic institution, school administrators have a great stake or concern about what kind of curriculum their schools offer and how these are implemented.

Reads a car sticker. What is the implication of this statement to the school curriculum?

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How do parents shape the curriculum and why are they considered as stakeholders? Effective parental involvement in school affairs may be linked to parent educational programs which is central to high quality educational experiences of the children. In most schools the Parents Association is organized 8. However, most often teachers complain that resources are very scarce. There are no books, materials nor facilities available. These are usual complaints of teachers. The community members and materials in the existing local community can very well substitute for what are needed to implement the curriculum.

Respected community members may be included in school boards as in some schools. Other stakeholders in curriculum implementationThere are other important stakeholders in curriculum implementation. Professional organizations have shown great influence in school curriculum. They are being asked by curriculum specialists to contribute in curriculum review because they have a voice in licensure examinations, curriculum enhancement and many more.

Constitution, then the government has a great stake in curriculum implementation. The government is represented by the DepEd for basic education curricula and the CHED for the tertiary and graduate education curricula. These two government agencies have mandatory and regulatory powers over the implementation of any curricula.

The role of technology in delivering the curriculumThe role of technology finds its place at the onset of curriculum implementation, namely at the stage of instructional planning. In a teaching-learning situation, there is the critical need to provide the learners information that forms a coherent whole. Otherwise, learning may end up haphazard and in the end ineffective. A systematic approach to instructional planning is, therefore, necessary.

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And in instructional planning, each lesson should have an idea of general specific goals, instructional objectives, content, activities, media, materials, assess ment and evaluation on how objectives have been achieved. In the choice of instructional media, technology comes into play. Figure 4- A systematic planning process Identifyinstructional goals Plan Identify and Choose an instructional assess instruction activities instructional al media media maintains technology Revise instruction Assess Implement Analyze learners instruction instruction Instructional media may also be referred to as media technology or learning in technology, or simply technology.

Technology plays a crucial role in delivering instruction to learners. Technology offers various tools of learning and these range from non-projected and projected media from which the teacher can choose, depending on what he sees fit with the intended instructional setting. Audio materials Appropriateness in relation to the learners3.

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Objective-matching Presently we can identify three current trends that could carry on the nature of education in the future. The first trend is the paradigm shift from teacher-centered to student-centered approach to learning. The second is the broadening realization that education is not simply a delivery of facts and information, nut an educative process of cultivating cognitive , affective, psychomotor and much more the contemplative intelligence of the learners of a new age.

Pilot testing, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of curriculumPilot testing or field try-outWhenever a curriculum is written as in books, course manuals, modules or the whole curricular program, there is a need to have a try-out or field testing. This process will gather empirical data to support whether the material or curriculum is useful, relevant, reliable and valid. Most of the field testing or try-out follows some form of researched designs.

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Usually it follows an experimental method, however an initial process can be done without any comparison group. In this case only one group of students will be used as a try out for the curriculum. Using the principles of curriculum writing and backed up by the content specialization of the writers and the consultants, the modules were written. The printed modules were reviewed by the consultants and peers, however, there was a need to try out or pilot test the activities and the field practicals by the users who are the students themselves. The try-out or pilot testing assures the teachers and the schools that indeed the curriculum materials are ready for use.

Modification and revisions are inherent characteristics of a curriculum. The pilot test or try-out is a developmental process that gives the signal as to whether the particular curriculum can already be implemented with confidence. Curriculum monitoring Curriculum evaluation1. School-based evaluation is an approach to curriculum evaluation which places the content, design, operation, and maintenance of evaluation procedure in the hands of the school personnel. Accountability is shared by all; hence bias and conflict are minimized. School personnel develop evaluation skills. The real concerns of the school and community are addressed by the evaluationiv. Broad participation of school personnel provide opportunities for building school cohesiveness. Provides reliable and valid information on curriculum, resources , and general school functioning. Accreditation- this is a voluntary process of submitting a curricular program to an external accrediting body for review in any level of education: tertiary or graduate school to assure standard.

Accreditation studies the statement of the educational intentions of the school and affirms a standard of excellence. A List of subjects or courses to be taken and arranged in a logical order compose the program of studies. Instructional processes or methodologies How to translate action into the written and planned curriculum is a concern of instruction.

The decision of choosing and using the method of teaching is a crucial factor in curriculum and instruction. There are varied teaching methodologies that are compatible with the different learning styles of the students. These emerging strategies of teaching follow principles and theories that enhance learning outcomes. As teachers, there is a need to know not only the steps or strategies of teaching but understand the pedagogical content knowledge of each strategy. Graduation requirements Graduation means successful accomplishment of the curricular program of studies.

A student has to accomplish its academic program as prescribed in the program of studies mentioned earlier. Aside from the academic subjects required, some curricula provide activities that are necessary and should be accomplished as a graduation requirement.