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imagery in the Essay on Criticism fills these Essay on Criticism, Alexander Pope, Pastoral Poetry and An .. Miss Tuve's summary of the Renaissance view.

Originally designed for measuring isotope abundances and elemental masses, mass spectrometry is becoming a mainstay across life sciences. As electrospray ionization of biomolecules turns 30 and the Orbitrap mass analyzer 20, we take this opportunity to highlight the role of both inventions in stirring mass spectrometry from physics into biology and discuss the advances and challenges that may impact the future applications of biomolecular mass spectrometry.

Article 18 October Open Access. Trophectoderm lineage development is essential for implantation, placentation, and healthy pregnancy.

1 Introduction

Here the authors map super-enhancers SEs in trophoblast stem cells and find both TE-specific master regulators and previous uncharacterised transcription factors that are SE-associated, providing insight into trophectoderm-specific regulatory networks. B-1a B cells are innate-like cells with biased reactivity to bacteria and self-antigens.

Satellite-borne radar systems are promising tools to obtain spatial habitat data with complete geographic coverage. Here the authors show that freely available Sentinel-1 radar data perform as well as standard airborne laser scanning data for mapping biodiversity of 12 taxa across temperate forests in Germany. Indole oxidation represents a fundamental organic transformation delivering valuable nitrogen compounds.

Here, the authors report a general halide catalysis protocol applied to three classes of oxidation reactions of indoles with oxone as a sustainable terminal oxidant. Fractured rocks of impact craters have been suggested to be suitable hosts for deep microbial communities on Earth, and potentially other terrestrial planets, yet direct evidence remains elusive.

Here, the authors show that the Siljan impact structure is host to long-term deep methane-cycling microbial activity.

Genomics DNA library preparation from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues is challenging. Here the authors describe CUTseq that uses restriction enzymes and in vitro amplification to barcode samples for reduced representation genome sequencing.

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The majority of disease-associated genetic variants lie in non-coding regions. Here the authors generated and compiled human transcriptomic, epigenomic and chromatin conformation datasets, to identify genes associated with atrial fibrillation and functional non-coding variants. Comment 08 October Open Access. Plastic pollution is a purely anthropogenic problem and cannot be solved without large-scale human action.

Motivating mitigation actions requires more realistic assumptions about human decision-making based on empirical evidence from the behavioural sciences enabling the design of more effective interventions. Comment 01 October Open Access. Understanding complex functional materials suffers from needing to capture structural features on many length scales. By quantitatively combining complementary experimental measurements, realistic models can now be generated.

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Here, I discuss the strengths and limits of this approach, but also advocate focusing on the interactions that drive structural complexity instead. Comment 09 September Open Access. Technological progress continues unabated, enabling single cell sensitivity and clinical applications. The establishment of the Orbitrap analyzer as a major player in mass spectrometry based proteomics is traced back to the first public presentation of this technology 20 years ago; when a proof-of-principle application led the way to further advancements and biological applications.

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University of Luxembourg. Nassau, Bahamas.

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That is the question plaguing many brands in today's politically polarized environment. Pick a side, and you risk potentially losing Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Which is the best group collaboration tool for your organization? Check out this infographic for an exhaustive list of criteria and information to answer that very When used sparingly, however, they can have a profound and positive effect on your audience.

Overwhelmed by all the client projects you have to manage? Having a solid process can help you keep track of them. Many workers say they do not share their company's updates on social media because they do not know whether or not they're supposed to be posting and because they are Your client-agency partnership depends on open lines of communication. If that communication is limited, there's no real value in the relationship.