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Neutrinos and Their Impact on Core-Collapse Supernova Nucleosynthesis - INSPIRE-HEP

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Audouze, J. Barkat, Z.

Letters 18 , Bruenn, S. Buchler, J. Volume Article Contents.

Supernova nucleosynthesis

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Simulations uncover why some supernova explosions produce so much manganese and nickel

Permissions Icon Permissions. Abstract Presupernova models and nucleosynthesis in massive stars are reviewed in the context of supernovae.

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    Email alerts New issue alert. The formation of elements heavier than iron and nickel requires the input of energy. Supernova explosions result when the cores of massive stars have exhausted their fuel supplies and burned everything into iron and nickel. The nuclei with mass heavier than nickel are thought to be formed during these explosions. More about nucleosynthesis December 2, Suzaku spies treasure trove of intergalactic metal -- NASA November 5, Rapid supernova could be new class of exploding star -- Astronomy. Click on images above to learn more about them.

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