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Each Team Challenge is designed to be open-ended and solvable in many ways and on many levels. Joseph School has gone on to the World Competition for the past two years! Students read books and come together to demonstrate their abilities and test their knowledge of the books they have read.

This program introduces children around the world to the fun and experience of solving real-world problems by applying math, science, and technology. Student teams build Lego robots that solve a problem, and then take them to the regional competition. The mission is to stimulate an active interest among young people in the several fields of scientific study and to give public recognition to talented students by sponsoring and promoting expositions of science projects developed and built by students and awarding prizes and scholarships to students who create and display outstanding projects.

Our purpose is to help students improve their spelling, increase their vocabularies, learn concepts, and develop correct English usage that will help them all their lives. The winner of the school bee participates in the Oakland Press Bee before moving on to the national bee. A downward spiral is a way to describe homelessness. Nothing will ever change if we refuse to reach out and help, this situation will never improve if we continue to do nothing.

We are oblivious to this problem even in Michigan, and even here my papa plans on helping those in need. He has done so much in and out of Michigan. In addition to building houses in Mexico, my papa has contributed to two transitional housing sites in Newaygo. The world is a cruel, unjust place with hurting people everywhere you look. My papa will never fix the entire world, but he is improving it one house at a time.

No one can know what the future will hold, but if we take small steps towards improving the homeless situation we might be able to abolish this problem in Michigan and around small pockets of the world. It is just waiting for people like my papa. My Michigan Hero By Iris Herrera Hero, a word commonly used in fictional writings to describe the person who saved the city or defeated the bad guy. Usually the tall handsome man whose muscles bulge through their clothing or the beautiful woman whose figure is ever so perfect. But on some rare occasions, like mine, a beautiful short black haired woman.

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She may seem average, no Wonder Woman or Black Widow, yet just like these two, this person has saved lives and helped many from harm. My aunt Desiree Thompson is my personal Michigan hero. After 4 Years of nursing school, many years working in ICU, to now being personal aid to people all over Grand Rapids she has saved and helped many people. She takes care of patients fifty-five and older who need help managing their medication, living their everyday life, and making sure their complex medical needs are taken care of, and she is required to be on call for anyone who needs her.

Not only is she a nurse coordinator but she is also a mom to three. Her two oldest have graduated and are successful in college, and her youngest, a freshman, is successful in school and is striving to become an ultrasound technician. She has worked hard and dedicated her life to not only her nursing career but her family as well.

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About a year ago, my grandpa was told he was going through liver failure and that he only had about a year to live. Desiree was there to help; she became his full time care provider and managed all his medication and everything. It was her job away from her job. While they waited in ICU for answers on his liver she was still receiving calls from her patients and coordinating their care, even though her dad was in the hospital fighting for his life. After long nights and stressful days, she finally found a volunteer to donate their liver.

Within months my grandpa successfully had his transplant. Desiree is one of the hardest, passionate, persistent workers I've ever met. She has influenced me to work hard and help others myself. She loves her job and is a truly powerful woman, Desiree Thompson is a true hero!

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